Autor (i): Georgiana Mīndreci
Cuvinte cheie: Source language, target language, translation, legal texts, translation challenges.
In a world of swift technological advances in all fields of research, translation studies has to constantly adapt to new methods of text translation. This article focuses mainly on empirical research concerning the translation of legal texts, and not only, by non-experts in the Target Language (TL) – in this case the English language - and by other translation engines, free translation services and other similar translation machines.   The starting point of this article was the analysis, through extensive reading and comparing, of various texts and articles, especially in the legal and economic fields, translated from Romanian (as source language - SL) into English (TL).  The triggers for observing the major challenges in this type of translation were the negative results that the non-specialized translations had in the TL. The most important challenges include misunderstanding, misinterpretations, lack or poor of comprehension of the term equivalence, errors and misuse of specific terms or grammatical patters. The biggest risk of these challenges is that of remaining unnoticed, not analyzed and not corrected or improved. That is why I believe this article can be in its turn a starting point for further research in this type of text translation.   
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