Autor (i): Mariana Cristina Cioponea
JEL: A12 - Relation of Economics to Other Disciplines
Cuvinte cheie: economics, psychology, economic behavior, rationality, psychological needs, economic utility, personality
In the theoretical  scientific  analysis, man  and  therefore his  behavior is  viewed differently. The economical  point  of  view  considers the  individual as a rational  being  acting to maximize utility in relation to certain preferences.  The sociological point of view considers that the key driver of human behavior is the influence of social context andconstraints framework. The psychologically point of view considere the man a complex being, endowed  with  spirit, thought,  perceptions, sensations, will, affection, emotions, imagination  etc., which is reflected  in its  economic  behavior. The human nature is influenced by the relationship which develops between the individual and society, specifically between the individual and other individuals who compose society as a whole.  Economic behavior, is an important part of the human behavior and is predictable in a very small extent; also the consequences of certain decisions may differ depending on the psychological aspects that characterize those involved at some point in a specific action. A particularly important issue that should concern a great economic professionals is raised by extend to which perceptions of economic actors determine economic behavior. 
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