Autor (i): Abrudan Denisa
JEL: M10, M52, M54
Cuvinte cheie: employee, high performance, motivation, benefits, compensation, well being
Creating a program that will ensure the well-being of employees is quite difficult for managers because it involves a series of wage and non-wage motivation techniques, that are tailored to employee’s needs so that they are willing to work more efficient and at high performance. In order to ensure the well-being of those who work in a company, the managers, firstly, have to identify, understand and meet the needs of the employees. Most of the companies have abandoned the traditional way of performance evaluation because they do not want only a system that generates employee performance, but one that generates it. Therefore, this approach is more suitable for the employee’s mentality, that are currently on the labor market, as well as the way in which companies change themselves in order to be part of digital economy. The challenge for the companies  means finding a new decision-making system regarding salary increases and developing the career. The paper presents the new trends in benefits packages that influence the employees’ well-being and the results of a research conducted in one of the top banks, about the implication impact of this organization in order to ensure its employee well-being by identifying the motivational factors that lead to the growth of job satisfaction. 
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