Autor (i): Oana Ramona, Bauer (Hamburda), Elena Cristina, Stroe (Ion)
JEL: M15
Cuvinte cheie: quality, education, change, teachers
The issue of change in education has been researched by many specialists in the field and their approaches are varied (from an organizational and individual perspective), but lead to the idea that the success of teachers is influenced by their receptivity to the needs of the external environment in a continuous dynamics. The change in the school organization is very important. This can be generated by the manager, department managers, teaching staff and auxiliary teaching staff. They all need to have communication skills to show to those around them the beneficial effects of diminishing resistance to the new and accepting change. An effective education system has to be characterized by a high level of quality, and the latter is the result of effective change. The hypothesis behind the realization of this article was that quality education is the result of changes made at school level and this is to be demonstrated in two parts of a theoretical and practical nature. The most important conclusions of this research, reveal that change is a premise for increasing the quality of education at pre-university level. 
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