Autor (i): Phds. Mihai DORNENU
Cuvinte cheie: agriculture, management, agricultural management, knowledge.
The modern economic life reveals the contribution of management to the improvement of performance in various fields. It could be considered as a factor that support progress and influence the activities by establishing how are them organized and co-ordinated, how resources are used and how cultural values guides the work of the employees engaged in operational and functional processes within and organization. Management also enables the change needed to adapt to the dynamic of the environment. A challenge for Romania was the state of the agriculture along time. In this context, it is useful a better knowledge regarding agricultural management. The paper focuses on a review, analysis, and pursues the steps to be followed by a performing agricultural management. The authors envisage both the experience from Romanian agriculture, and the experience from the EU Member States. The latest ones were considered because in their case the use of the agricultural policies’ advantages combined with good management resulted in large production and exports of agricultural products. 
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