Autor (i): Php Dragomir Daniela, Php Onişoru Georgiana Florenţa
Cuvinte cheie: Management, change, efficiency, quality standards, performance.
The quality of educational activity at the level of the school institution designates all the characteristics of the school unit on a structural, organizational and functional level which gives it the opportunity to meet the education needs of a concrete population, expressed either directly or indirectly by it or by the community the population belongs to it. School can be understood as a complex system of human, material, financial, spiritual, organizational, cultural, aesthetic, ethical, juridical factors that function in a permanent and dynamic interaction. The key aspect of the organization and environment in which school operates in the school development process should be considered as a priority in school change projects. The organizational structure is a reflection of its value system, revealing the link with the school culture. The formulation of priorities, after completing a phase of their identification, hierarchy and then selection decision, is essential for development. The conditions, as a key aspect of school development, consist in the practical features of the organization and the school management, in the functioning framework, in the roles the responsibilities that make the activity take place. Finally, the school development strategy must be designed to ensure that the priorities are linked to the conditions. 
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