Autor (i): Erincz, Alicia Tiuhtii, Constanţa
JEL: L10, L25, L26
Cuvinte cheie: SME development, Economic growth, SME definition, SME opportunities
The development of the economic environment over the last decades has led to changes in ownership patterns and the emergence of new, independent private enterprises that have grown steadily. The evolution of these entities from temporary activities to companies that operate and develop both in domestic and foreign markets has contributed to their impregnation in the economic environment, having an impact on its evolution. SMEs are those companies with a high degree of flexibility and resilience that ensure stability both economically and socially. Their ability to adapt to continual changes in the market and to contribute to innovation determines the importance they have in developing the economic environment. The paper presents a study of the role of the SME sector in the EU economic environment. 
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