Autor (i): Mariana, Perniu
Cuvinte cheie: management, school organization, education, strategic goals, mission, vision, objectives.
Educational management is an approach with a social function oriented towards the objectives of the organization, the strategic goals having as a key element the planning and organization of the strategy. As the main element it can be said that the organizational strategy indicates the medium and long-term objectives as a whole, the ways in which it is realized and the resources allocated to its mission and vision. As a component of strategic management, we enumerate: the mission of the organization, the strategic targets and actions, the resources allocated for the realization of the actions, the analysis and the study of the environment in which the organization operates.  The school organization becomes performant if the strategy is in line with the direct and indirect environment. The strategy is the applicative side of management and involves the goal of long-term strategies, the ways in which it can be realized and the resources involved in the mission. The mission is to ensure the achievement of the targets. The impleme1ntation of plans and programs is directly influenced by the internal and external elements of the school organization, the management course involving decision making in several directions: ways of analyzing, assigning responsibilities by compartments, shaping the mission and vision of the organization, finalizing, establishing the implementation sequences of the programs, establishing the evaluation criteria. 
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