Autor (i): Tudorică, Raluca
JEL: I20, I21, I23, I29
Cuvinte cheie: Plagiarism, Europe, Research, Students, Reasons of plagiarism, Consequences of plagiarism
Plagiarism is a major problem for research or day-to-day schooling. Indeed, there are certain consequences of plagiarism. This paper aims to clarify the potential reasons of plagiarism, the types of plagiarism and we will present a case study which clarifies the potential plagiarism in the world. Observing the most common reasons for plagiarism in the world, there are few methods to diminish the plagiarism. We used a theoretical methodology where we collected data and information from different articles, we considered suitable to our research. Furthermore, for us, is very important to be aware of the consequences of plagiarism these days.  
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