Autor (i): Mădălina Albu
JEL: Q01, L1, O10, O13
Cuvinte cheie: social responsibility, sustenable development, company strategy, business, environment
The social responsibility of organizations can be defined as the concern of managers to decide and implement actions that have the role of creating added value to their business, in synergy with respect for the interests and welfare of society. The integration of social responsibility in the decision-making process at the level of companies and other organizations, is an activity that determines immediate positive effects on those directly involved, on local communities and on society as a whole. Establishing a framework for promoting and applying the concept of social responsibility is an important factor in promoting economic development and the sustainable development of local communities and society in general. The annual preparation of the Responsibility Reports at the level of organizations has the role of providing information about the impact of the companies' activity, as well as about the latest initiatives in areas that include the environment, nutrition and sustainable development. The case study aims to emphasize the opportunity to integrate the concepts of social responsibility in the strategy of organizations.
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