Autor (i): Dalina-Maria Andre
JEL: D0, D01, E22
Cuvinte cheie: Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SME), Marginalism, Perfect Competition Model
The topic of this paper keeps deep roots in the old economic thinking and will share between such basics and update data for Romania. On the one hand, the Marginalist ‘perfect competition model’ daring to link between ‘welfare maximizing’ and what ever-since regards ‘small and medium size enterprises’(SME), and that basing on a real and simple mathematical demonstration of that time. On the other, the latter and today condition in a country like Romania in early 21st century, namely in a time of all compatibility dismantled between economic development and just SME here working. We’ll also see below that SME cannot be missing, together with activities and their aspects that appear even surprising at the first sight. All facts and data here develop during the two years previous to the current pandemic (2018-2019). Data, including some analyses made, here come from National Institute of Statistics (INSEE), National Council for SME, both in Romania, plus the European Commission(EC) Manual. To equally be noted that these same data and analyses will make the basis for future research considering current health crisis and its impact on the Romania’s business environment. 
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