Autor (i): Andra Modreanu1 , Gabriela Nicoleta Andrișan2
JEL: M14, I31, J28
Cuvinte cheie: corporate social responsibility, employees, Maslow?s Pyramid, transactional model, relational model, developmental model
The current competitive business environment implies that companies need to adopt a people-driven orientation in order to succeed. Fulfilling the expectations of external customers has been one of the most important priorities for many firms. Lately, more and more organizations have become aware of the vital role employees also have as internal stakeholders and customers. Considering the essential part workers hold in delivering business results, it is understandable why many companies seek to recruit and retain competent employees. The paper intends to provide a comprehensive understanding of how corporate social responsibility models can be used to satisfy the needs of employees based on Maslow's hierarchy applied to the work environment. The results outline the importance of corporate social responsibility in attracting and retaining valuable employees due to the concept’s contribution in meeting the expectations of individuals. 
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