Autor (i): Iuliana PÔrvu1 Dragoș Mihai Ipate2
JEL: D4; D47;M31
Cuvinte cheie: higher education, marketing, market segmentation
The last decades have marked a boom in university education worldwide. An increasing share of secondary school graduates continue their education at tertiary level, in the hope of higher future salaries and better career opportunities. On the other hand, the ever-increasing supply of educational services has led to an increasing heterogeneity of services offered by higher education institutions. Students can choose between different fields of study, between different universities, prestigious, between different modes of study etc. The alternatives also differ in terms of tuition fees and salaries expected after graduation. In this context, understanding the determinants of student choice becomes essential for forecasting and designing the services provided by higher education institutions. This paper addresses the issue of segmentation in the higher education market - a component of the research field of higher education marketing, which is still in a pioneering stage
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