Autor (i): George- Dorel, Popa
JEL: M00 -General, M1-Business Administration, M10 General
Cuvinte cheie: management; principles; techniques; efficiency
This paper examines the relevance of the basic principles and techniques of management to improve effectiveness and efficiency in the management process. The principles should guide managers in decision making and action. The article examines whether the guidelines are useful or not. In our opinion anything which makes management research more efficient will help others to improve management practice. These strategies and tools might be useful for those who are interested in obtaining results without spending so much time, resources and energy for activities that do not lead to the aimed purposes within a company or enterprise, having the role of directing people to get more rapidly to their goals. In this article, managers could find out some effective tools and techniques, which can be used in different fields of the organization, that facilitate creating an efficient strategy, as well as on organizational, communicational and teamwork purposes, to successfully deliver a top-notch project. Management is the science that directs and unifies efforts and common goals of a group, supporting skillfully the leaders in obtaining exceptional results within organizations, reaching their well-established goals and not at least, a successful key for developing their business. 
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