Autor (i): Mădălina Albu
JEL: JEL: M42, L15, L1
Cuvinte cheie: quality audit, quality management, strategy
Quality management of quality assurance services involves giving a sustained interest to the overall
improvement of the quality perceived by customers, offering consumers the guarantee of superior satisfaction.
The provision of services in the field of quality audit and certification requires the permanent updating of the
activities carried out through the quality management system, improving, developing and innovating the services
offered to business customers. The continuous improvement of the quality management system highlights an
effective management of the resources owned by the enterprise, measuring, analyzing and constantly improving
the quality characteristics attached to the products and services intended for customers. Aiming at maintaining
the trust of clients regarding the ability to identify, prevent and treat any possible non-conformities of the
activities carried out at the level of an organization, the performance of a quality audit has the role of
generating the premises for defining, substantiating and putting into practice the future strategy. The policy in
the field of quality management implemented by all organizations aims to increase the prestige acquired by them
and maintain notoriety by building an image that reflects excellence, seriousness and competence in the activity
carried out. This paper presents theoretical and practical aspects that justify the opportunity of using the results
of quality audits in substantiating the organizations' strategies.
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