Autor (i): Mihaela Diaconu Amalia Duțu
JEL: A23, M11, O21
Cuvinte cheie: entrepreneurial ecosystem, education for innovation and entrepreneurship, model of entrepreneurial education, entrepreneurial spirit, entrepreneurial skills
Starting from the theory of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, the work highlights an education model by
integrating innovation and entrepreneurial education in the process of continuous improvement of the
educational action in the university. The proposed entrepreneurial education model is the result of the integrated
valorization of the opportunity offered by European funding for the development of educational products that
meet the current learning needs of the academic community. It is a thought-out, developed and validated model
and highlights a special type of thinking that can revolutionize the field of education by developing positive
changes, in the context in which learning can be approached from a behavioral and personal development
perspective. In this way, it is created in the field of higher education an ecosystem that allows the development of
the entrepreneurial spirit and the entrepreneurial skills considered by the European institutions among the 8 key
skills necessary to ensure lifelong learning and personal development. University entrepreneurship can be
developed, as we have demonstrated both from the perspective of cultivating the entrepreneurial spirit of
teaching staff and students, a component of personal development, and from the perspective of educating
through entrepreneurship, highlighting the creativity of young people and the practical experience of partner
economic agents and transmitted through entrepreneurial counseling, support in the realization of business
plans and through the creation of innovative products in simulated enterprises.
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