Autor (i): Adrian Eugen, Dinu
JEL: G320, H100 , L380
Cuvinte cheie: Risks, project success, stakeholders, owners, contractors, project teams
Today, global borders are rapidly diffusing and one cannot operate in isolation. Rapid changes caused by
disruptive technologies have also contributed to the risks. The dynamic environment full of uncertainty in the
global economy has forced us to look beyond conventional methods to stay in control and prevent risks from
negatively impacting projects. We all need to accept that today's business activities are no longer mutually
exclusive, but interconnected and interdependent. Above all, the activities and tasks we perform are associated
with greater risks than ever before.
The work is based on observations and discussions with project managers and other interested parties in
the area of public administration that has ongoing investment projects. The paper tries to highlight the risks
associated with projects and aims to help the Project Management Team to relate to these factors, generate
greater awareness and increase their success rate. To promote a better understanding by correlating with the
risks associated with construction projects, the paper is based on the major risks encountered while
implementing a project. The basic objective of this work is to help project teams stay focused and initiate timely
corrective actions to prevent negative impact on the project.
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