Autor (i): Adrian Eugen, Dinu
JEL: H110 , L160, L380
Cuvinte cheie: Organization, change, strategy, transformation, project management, process
The terms "change, transformation, evolution" are used a lot today. Change management methodologies,
developed within organizations, have limits. Implementing change management requires an understanding of the
environment and context. This is why it is necessary to address the concept of organizational change, the
different types of change and the styles of change management that can be associated with them.
The organization is not static, but is a dynamic whole that evolves with its environment and that represents a
collective whose properties are different from the sum of individual characteristics. Therefore, the organization must
deal with "static/dynamic", "internal/external" and "individual/collective" tensions. These tensions place the
organization in a spiral of change, which means that every action can be a form of transformation.
To better understand the dynamic and transformative logic, it seems important to describe the organization.
It is also important that all structures of the company feel concerned about this transformation, because a
structure is not limited to fulfilling its task, but takes part in other cross-cutting processes with other structures.
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