Autor (i): Prof. Asoc. Dr. Blerim Kola Dr. Jehona Gjermizi
Cuvinte cheie: Web marketing, SMEs, effectiveness, Albania
This article deals with contribution of web marketing to overall SMEs’ effectiveness and hypothesizes
that web marketing has an impact on SMEs’ effectiveness.
An analysis of the data in the sample of the Albanian SME-s is used to address the research question
regarding the relationship between two concepts. This research will confirm the positive or negative
relationship between dependent variable web marketing and the independent variable SMEs’ effectiveness.
This article also deals with one of the problems for web marketing practice – its value, or more
specifically, the contribution of web marketing to overall SME effectiveness. Some SMEs invest significant
expenditure in web marketing.
Often web marketing professionals want to prove how much value web marketing has to an
organization, for example how much web marketing increases profits, contribute to market share, and
support customer satisfaction. This article attempts to examine the effect of web marketing on SMEs’
effectiveness in Albania. So the research question is: “Can web marketing have an impact and improve SMEs’
effectiveness in Albania?”
Research into measures of web marketing and SMEs’ effectiveness and their relationship reflects this important
issue. In this article, we question the possibility of linking web marketing activities to overall SME’ effectiveness.
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