Principiile cercetarii stiintifice

Autor (i): Lector univ. dr. Cristinel Munteanu
Cuvinte cheie: scientific research, principles, Eugenio Coseriu, Anton Dumitriu, Alexandru Puiu.

In this article we aim at presenting the principles of scientific research, as explicitly formulated by Eugenio Coseriu, the famous Romanian linguist. These principles are the following: the principle of objectivity, the principle of humanism, the principle of tradition, the principle of anti-dogmatism and the principle of public utility or responsibility What is more, they were implicitly expressed Anton Dumitriu, an important Romanian logician, who was born in Braila. For this reason, we found it appropriate to render some quotations from his work to prove the similarity of ideas of the two scholars. Last, but not least, in order to prove the fact that these principles are intuitively known and followed by every authentic researcher, we will try to trace them in Professor Alexandru Puiu's scientific work.

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